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 омитет по физической культуре, спорту и туризму ћурманской области



Old News

04.05.2016 Dear adventurers we bring specification on expedition Arktik Trofi 2016 on ATV present:

Ц gathering of accomplices is postponed to August 07, 2016;
Ц time of collecting from 09:00 till 10:00 and departure to the village Kuzomen with forwarding equipment in the shipped state;
Ц unloading in Kuzomeni and a crossing through Varzugu's river, the beginning of a crossing 14:00;
Ц a presumable route HERE ;
Ц it is necessary to decide on participation by June 01, 2016, the budget of transportation will be defined (on fuel) and it is necessary to place money for it;
Ц duration of an adventure is 7-10 days;
Ц finish settlement of Oktyaborsky.

The first five of applicants for participation in "Arktik Trofi 2016" in class AUTO was created and, having passed according to the link, you can examine it.

In expedition "Arktik Trofi 2016" on ATV it is useful for participants to know the following:

Gathering of participants will take place on July 31, 2016 in the city of Kandalaksha. On August 01, 2016 Ц departure from Kandalaksha to the village Kuzomen, with ATV in the shipped state where unloading will be made. Further Ц the crossing through Varzugu and an adventure begins: transition to the mouth Panoya Ц a rehash through Panoy Ц the 6th mooring, the most east point of the Kola Peninsula Ц further to the west on the Keyvsky height to the settlement of Oktyaborsky.

On all 600 km only 10 days.


The club "Arktik Trofi" decided on terms of carrying out over-snow transition on the coast of the Barents Sea and the central part of the Kola Peninsula Ц "Polar break 2016".

Carrying out terms: departure from Murmansk 05.03.2016 Ц 06.03.2016, arrival in Murmansk port approximately 09.03.2016 Ц 10.03.2016 (depends on the schedule of the motor ship).

Route: Murmansk Ц the settlement. Foggy Ц river of Rynd (Rynda tourist center) Ц reindeer-breeding base near the river Yokanga Ц BUT Island (Iokanga) Ц the Claudia Elanskaya motor ship Ц Murmansk.

Applications for participation are accepted till 01.02.2016 (it is connected with registration of admissions in BUT).


09.11.2015 Hereby we declare the beginning of adoption of demands on Arktik Trofi 2016 which will take place from September 03 to September 10.

For cars a route from the White Sea (Kandalaksha) to the Ledovity Ocean (Barents Sea) and competitive offset.

The separate route of expedition of Kuzomen-Panoy-Oktyaborsky is developed for ATV. lasting about 10 days.

Number of cars limited by 30 units. Quantity of ATV 20.

You watch news on the site and facebook and good luck.
27.09.2015 Passed three weeks from a strange adventure under the name Arktik Trofi 2015. And as though returned from competition from the Sea to the Ocean, from severe beauty of the prearctic North to daily routine yesterday. And how long to wait on September 03, 2016. YES! In these numbers will start 23 traditional trofa raid Arktik Trofi 2016. And again week of magic for those who is ready to a real adventure.
P.S. But that it was remembered as it was Arktik Trofi 2015 is published the most final protocol.



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